A family saga

Our champagne is the reflection of the terroir it comes from and of the love of the men who patiently created it...

Winegrowers from father to sons

We are delighted to present our family estate - our expertise is being passed down from generation to generation, four of them now, always in keeping with the traditions of the Champagne region and the values of our family estate.

We are aware of environmental issues and wish to preserve the quality of our land which will be handed down to our children.
This is why we opted for integrated agriculture, taking it further whenever possible, treating the protection of the environment with the utmost respect.

Our objective is to produce high quality champagne which will win your heart year after year.

récoltant-manipulant grower

We are récoltants-manipulants. This is a classification for Champagne producers who only vinify, make and market champagne from their own grapes. It is recognisable by the RM mention on the label.
This classification, a sign of our independence, enables us to control every stage of the production, as well as the quality of our champagnes:

This way, we remain close to our vineyards and keep hold of the quality of our production.

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